BIOTIQUE Almond Oil Cleanser Review-Face & Eye Makeup Cleanser


A rare combination of rich natural oils to deep cleanse the skin of microbes, pollutant and makeup. I was using Johnson and Johnson baby oil as my make up remover but then I moved to Biotique bio Almond oil Cleanser it works magical even hard waterproof makeup gets off in one swipe and it doesn’t harm skin with more chemicals, it’s rich natural oils.
How to use Biotique bio Almond oil Cleanser ?
Pour some oil on damp cotton pad. Wipe eye and face area. Then wash with water. For oily skin people wash your face with some mild cleanser. Follow with Freshener or toner and Moisturizer.
Suitable for: All skin types.
Price: ₹ 175/- for 120 ml
Contents:  Almond Oil Castor Oil Sunflower oil Soybean oil Kusumbhi Oil Neem Oil Jyotishmati Sidh Oil.
It consists of many oils which are very good for your skin
Being oily in consistency, this product removes anything and everything , even the toughest waterproof make-up.
Like all Biotique products, it has a long shelf life of 3 years. Two to three drops is all I need to remove the toughest and most elaborate eye makeup. So a little goes a long way.
  • Removes toughest makeup in just two swipes
  • Gives squeaky clean effect when used alone
  • Affordable
  • A little goes a long way
  • Consists of many natural oils which are good for your skin
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Mild fragrance which does not irritate.
Stay Classy 
– Varsha Ravi

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