Bold Ruffle


Lately, I can’t get enough of a dramatic sleeve. Statement sleeves have been the major in past season and I, for one, am totally on board. Gimme all the sweaters, tops, and dresses with a ruffle or bell sleeve. I MEAN… you know that I’m a sucker for a ruffle just IN GENERAL. Ruffles are all the yes to me. So when I spotted this RED Lace Ruffle Top, it clearly had to be mine.
I just love the color and I especially love pairing it with black high waist.

When I got this ruffle top, I had a VISION of the outfit I wanted to make it into. (Does that only happen to me?? LOL!) And my silver stilettos They’re very comfortable. I am kind of loving this move towards a more comfortable shoe, aren’t you?? I can actually WALK PLACES IN MY SHOES it is a miracle.
So my look details, my outfit is from stalk buy love (website) and my stilettos are from 20dresses (website)





Location – Cafe Central (T.Nagar)

Photography – PIJO PORTRAITS

Stay Classy

– Varsha Ravi