Nykaa – The Bath and Body Experience (Shower Gel)


Benefits of lavender: 

  • Reduces anxiety and emotional stress
  • Heals burns and wounds
  • Improves sleep
  • Restores skin complexion and reduces acne
  • Slows aging with powerful antioxidants
  • Improves eczema and psoriasis
  • Alleviates headache.

Nykaa The range consists of a shower gel, a body lotion, and a body mist in four fragrance variants: French Lavender, Country Rose, Fresh Aqua, and Tropical Jasmine.  Being a floral kind of a person, I wanted to indulge my senses into French Lavender shower gels from this latest range.


Price: INR 450 for 300 ml BUY HERE

Shelf life: 36 months

Product Description: It’s all about the ying and the yang. On the advent of those never-ending Mondays what wouldn’t you give to be in a lush green garden, with a quiet stream to give you company. Unpack the stress and dive into the inviting embrace of our French Lavender which connects you to the tender quietness in the center of your being. Indulge in the loving calmness of lavender that adds a subtle pop to your grey days, makes you smile a tad bit wider and allows you to chase your dreams along with the stars. Unwind with the soothing attention that our French Lavender Range lavishes upon you. Give those blues a serious dose of Zen!

Packaging: This shower gel comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a black push cap. The actual shower gel comes in a beautiful lavender color, brimming to the neck of the bottle. The front label has a classy picture of a model and lavender flowers, whereas the back label sources all the necessary information. As it holds 300 ml of product, the bottle seems to be bulky and heavy, making it not so travel friendly. However, the packaging is sturdy and leak-proof. It is quite an ordinary packaging, nothing fancy or appealing.

Texture: The texture of this shower gel is thick and runny. Only a little amount of product is needed. Therefore, this bottle is going to last for longer. The actual shower gel comes in a translucent pale lavender color. It lathers up very well with or without a loofah. As the shower gel is thick, using a loofah was not harsh on the skin.

Fragrance: This shower gel has a mild, calming lavender scent to it, which is so soothing. Unfortunately, when you start to lather the product, you get only soapy smell. I can hardly smell lavender then on. Such a disappointing factor indeed! Moreover, the fragrance does not last long as well.

Pros of Nykaa French Lavender Shower Gel

  • Attractive lavender color
  • Sturdy and leak-proof packaging
  • Is gentle and ideal for everyday use
  • Lathers well and is effective
  • Does not rip off moisture from the skin
  • Good quantity of product
  • Paraben free

Cons of Nykaa French Lavender Shower Gel

  • bulk packaging
  • Smells soapy when lathered
  • Fragrance did not last longer


Stay Classy

-Varsha Ravi